National Capital Section
of the Optical Society of America

First 2014-2015 meeting of the
National Capital Section of the Optical Society of America

At the NASA Goddard Visitor Center
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Sponsored by the National Capital Section of the Optical Society of America


Dr. Qian Gong & Bert Pasquale
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD


The optical design of the Wide-Field Infra-Red Survey Telescope (WFIRST) Wide- Field Channel (WFC) provides ~1/3-square degree of instantaneous field coverage at 0.11 arcsecond pixel scale. This is accomplished using a 2.36-meter aperture Three Mirror Anastigmat (TMA) optical design that was constrained and influenced by a combination of existing hardware, design heritage, science interests and volume constraints. The result is a design with a focal plane of 300 million pixels capable of diffraction-limited imaging, operating in six panchromatic bands between 0.6 – 2.4μm, or multi-spectral imaging mode from 1.3 – 2.0μm. The spectral dispersion is accomplished using an innovative 3-element grism design. Within the instrument enclosure is a separate Integral Field Channel (IFC) providing discrete spectral analysis over a 3”x3” field at 0.15” spatial sampling and average R=100 spectral resolution.

Qian and Bert will be giving their presentations from the 2014 International Optical Design Conference.


Bert has been an optical designer for GSFC for 8 years, and a support contractor for the optics branch for 14 years before that. He currently serves as the optics lead for the WFIRST project.

Qian Gong has been an optical designer for GSFC for 6 years, and a support contractor for the optics branch for 18 years before that. She serves as the grism lead for the WFIRST project.

More information is available about WFIRST at:

Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014

6:00 PM Complementary chips and beverages at the NASA Goddard Visitor Center, ICESat Road (formerly Soil Conservation Road), Greenbelt, MD

6:30 PM Lecture at NASA Goddard Visitor Center by Bert Pasquale and Qian Qong from GSFC Optics Branch, “The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope Optical Design of Wide Field Instrument: Imaging Mode, Spectral Mode, and Integral Field Unit"

~7:45 PM Optional Dinner at Siri’s Chef’s Secret, 5810 Greenbelt Rd., Greenbelt, MD. The dinner will be about $20. plus tax and tip.

DIRECTIONS to NASA Goddard Visitor Center

From the Capital Beltway (I-95/I-495) exit onto the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, North, towards Baltimore.
Almost immediately, exit onto Greenbelt Road (Rt. 193) East, following signs towards NASA Goddard Space Flight Center [you will turn
left from the exit ramp onto Greenbelt Road].
If you are approaching from the Outer Loop of the Beltway, on the exit road to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway there is a slip road
that leads directly on to Greenbelt Road eastbound, so, in this case, you would not turn "left" on to Greenbelt Road

Traveling East on Greenbelt Rd,
Take Greenbelt Road east for approximately two miles. The main gate will be on the left at the first traffic light after Cipriano Road. Continue on to the next traffic light and turn left onto ICESat Road and take your first left left to reach the Visitor Center.

George Simonis
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Jim Heaney
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