National Capital Section
of the Optical Society of America

 Seventh 2017-2018 meeting of the
National Capital Section of the Optical Society of America

Annual Student Science Fair Award Dinner

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018, 5:30 – 9:00 PM

At the NASA/Goddard Recreation Center, Spoil Conservation Rd., Greenbelt, MD


Speaker: Dr.  Jonathan Gardner, NASA

 Goddard Space Flight Center

 “The James Webb Space Telescope”



The James Webb Space Telescope is the scientific successor to the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes. It is a large (6.6m) cold (50K) telescope to be launched into orbit around the second Earth-Sun Lagrange point. It is a partnership of NASA with the European and Canadian Space Agencies. Webb’s science goals include the formation of the first stars and galaxies in the early universe; the chemical, morphological and dynamical buildup of galaxies, the formation of stars and planetary systems and understanding exoplanets and our Solar System. Webb has four instruments: The Near-Infrared Camera, the Near-Infrared multi-object Spectrograph, and the Near-Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph will cover the wavelength range 0.6 to 5 microns, while the Mid-Infrared Instrument will do both imaging and spectroscopy from 5 to 28.5 microns. Recent progress includes the cryogenic testing of the telescope, the assembly of the spacecraft and sunshield, and planning for the first year of scientific observations.


Bio: Jonathan P. Gardner is the Chief of the Observational Cosmology Lab at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Deputy Senior Project Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope. He leads a group that studies the Universe as a whole, from its dramatic beginnings in the Big Bang, to the mysterious dark energy that will determine its future. The James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, will look backwards in time to find the first galaxies that formed after the Big Bang, to trace their evolution into galaxies like our own Milky Way, and to connect the formation of stars and planets with the history of our own Solar System.



5:30 pm:                      Good Luck Road Gate Opens

GSFC Center Gate Closed

5:30 – 6:30 pm:           Students arrive and arrange poster projects for display

6:30 – 7:30 pm:           Dinner.

7:30 pm:                      Student recognition & awards

8:00 – 9:00 pm:           Featured talk – Dr. Jonathan Gardner

                         “The James Webb Space Telescope”


This is a fee-charged catered Dinner. Reservations required by Friday May 18.  Dinner will be catered with salad, chicken & vegetables, with a vegetarian option. Awarded student + one parent are our guests at no charge. Other students: $10 Other adults: $15.

Jim Heany,


Awarded Students and Their Winning Projects in Optics & Photonics


Junior Division


Haakon Hart “Exploring Forces in a Crooke’s Radiometer”


Bilal Imran “Color Blast”


Daniel Lovell “Unintentional Interference and Ecofriendly Lights”


Pratyushe Mandal “Fabrication, Optimization, and Characterization of

Natural Dye Sensitized Solar Cells”


Annam Nguyen “The Efficiency of Modern AMOLED Displays” “


Liam West & Mathew Lou “Bell’s Theorem”



Senior Division


Camille Chestnut & Shayna Cartledge  “Reacting Colors”


Robert Kamens “The Search for Exoplanets”


Mathew Kolodner “A Novel Method for Remote Detection of Missing

Commercial Satellite Multispectral Imagery”


Kyra Lee & Danielle Dickson  “Simulating Deuteranopia Through Augmented Reality”


Casey Smith “The Effect of Colored UV Lights on the Color Density of Paper”



Magnet School Division


Clare Heinbaugh & Varshini Babu “Window into the Future: A Filter-Based Application of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells”


Streya Vangara “Novel Detection Method of Sub-Atomic Scale Motion

Through Plasmonic Resonators”



Open Division


Andrea Mei Gaoat “The Efficiency of a Parabolic Solar Reflector”


Jason Hsu “The Effect of Different Gases on Power Absorption”


Alyssa Linkous “The Streep Effect”


Sam Lossef “Microwave Antenna Designs”


Sebastian Palermo “Cooking in the Sun”


Varum Singhai & Alex Ozbolt “Determining Illness Using Autonomous Colorimetric Analysis of Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay”


Noeme White “Crystal Clear Radio”


Cassidy Young “The Effect of the Heat of an Object on the ratio of

Red to Green Light Passing Through a Filter”




DIRECTIONS: to NASA/Goddard Recreation Center, Greenbelt, MD

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